About us


Chennai based manufacturer and services provider, KPJ Container Services provides you with mobile office container, bunk house, and site office container, along with the services for container repairing and maintenance, and container conversion. The company imparts fantastic quality and durable containers to the clients for different purposes. These containers can easily be used as offices, bunk house, and site office, and also we provide service for container conversion that includes converting containers into anything according to your requirements. So far we have attained much experience in the domain and have gained credibility with our clientele for on-time delivery, and for providing excellent output meeting their requisites effectively. At KPJ Container Services, we are committed to serve our customers with well-furnished and appropriate mobile office containers, site office container, and bunk house container meeting their specifications. Also, we undertake container conversion, and repairing and maintenance services for container so as to make the containers serve the purpose efficiently. With advanced infrastructure, trained personnel, and excellent equipments, we provide latest variety of containers offices updated as per latest trends and tastes of the clients. Prompt Services: Our manufacturing as well as repairing and maintenance services are prompt and excellent which help us in catering perfectly to our clientele’s needs. Our dedicated workforce operates strictly in compliance to customers’ specifications and delivers exactly what they require. We have experts working within our organization who lay intense emphasis upon the accuracy and do not compromise upon the output quality. The complete container manufacturing process is carried out under strict surveillance so that no possibilities remain for any dissatisfaction on client’s part. Even our container repair and maintenance services are effective and done to make the container last for longer time and cater to customer’s needs fully. Our created mobile office containers bunk house, and site office container have gained approval from our distinctive clients as they have found the containers appropriate as their temporary offices; as these can be moved to desired location with ease and are not required to be destructed/demolished after the job is over. Expert Workforce:? KPJ Container Services has an expert team of personnel who are well-trained and are skilled to carry out the container manufacturing task with accuracy and dedication. They take care of each and every aspect of container manufacturing so as to deliver perfect and top grade container offices for our clientele. We have set certain high quality standards and our workforce functions stringently in compliance to them for creating different type of containers that would serve the respective needs of our clients. Even the people indulged in container conversion and container repairing and maintenance tasks are well trained and have the necessary technical knowledge for performing the job with expertise. You can rely upon our services for getting a fascinating and well-organized container as your mobile office, bunk house, and site office containers. So far, we have achieved reliability among our clientele for fulfilling their specifications and requirements precisely.